Welcome, Friend of B-Squad!

Thank you for supporting B-Squad over the years and helping this dream come to life! We're incredibly proud to announce the lineup of artists that will be working on the next chapter of  ridiculous and dangerous exploits of a bunch of expendable misfits. 

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B-Squad is nothing without your support. This whole thing would pretty much be Eben just warming his hands on a oil drum fire under an overpass hollering about hipsters, dachshunds, and tape wizards to whoever would listen. Thankfully, you have believed in all of us enough to bring the vision to life.

We will do it again!

Meet the Volume Two SQUAD

Click on their picture to read more about them and how to follow them on social media to see sneak peeks at volume two's production process.

Production Progress 

Check out the *Spoiler Free* gallery of sketches and production artwork so far!