The Pigeon Post Begins

The Pigeon Post is the new B-Squad production blog. Here we'll celebrate our fans and share behind the scenes look at B-Squad as we move forward toward our second volume.

The Pigeon Post was originally slated to be our letters section in our single issues, but as we moved more toward releasing collected volumes of the adventures of B-Squad, it seemed a good idea to move this blog online.

Feel free to send your letters to B-Squad's mascot, Mackinaw! Mackinaw has appeared throughout the pages of B-Squad. Have you ever spotted our plucky pigeon buddy?

His origin begins all the way back in 2012 when Lauren Monardo and Eben Burgoon were creating the original character designs for the first six squaddies that would be featured in the first adventure of B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune.

While developing the look of Sullivan Caliber, Lauren's love of making little critters gave rise to our unforgettable little buddy. 

 Do you see Mackinaw in the top left picture?

Do you see Mackinaw in the top left picture?

Feel free to send your letters and pictures to us, ask us questions, or share your thoughts.
We love to hear from B-Squad's readers and sock wearers!

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