Neat Indie Things: The Curious Expedition

Once a month, your bearded buddy Eben is gonna recommend some sort of neat indie thing for your enjoyment. 

This month:

The Curious Expedition

Downloadable on Steam for $14.99

I don't recall when I snagged The Curious Expedition, but good lordy, this game has really come a long way from when I did and it about to go into alpha and out of early access on Steam! 

The game has a retro-pixel aesthetic and you play as a 19th century explorer seeking fame and fortune on six expeditions into unknown acreage across the globe. Every expedition is randomly generated and almost never plays the same. Each explorer has a number of different starting perks and cast of helpers that help them complete the the expedition, but these casts frequently change as characters go insane or are eaten by giant scorpions.

Why A B-Squad Fan Might Love It

This game is so full of random death and is a constant dance with survival. Firstly, you select your primary explorer, which is a wide assortment of 19th century folk - from science Tesla or Darwin to the oddballHP Lovecraft or Alister Crowley - there are over a dozen unique heroes to select.  As you explore the map, main characters level up and their abilities get stronger and stronger. Additionally you can do the same for your sidekicks which serve a variety of rolls. There is even a good Tintin parody sidekick I am frequently tempted by. Don't get attached though, frequently sidekicks go quite insane with a variety of maladies or are simply killed by beast or lost to cannibalism.

I frequently love the art style, it's so perfect for the game. Every game I've played has made for a wonderful story and now after a particularly good or disastrous expedition, players can export the diary and share it over social media -- here is my recent play through as Marie Curie.

This game is an excellent use of your time. A great way to pass a couple hour and rip through six expeditions or spend 20 minutes and just do a couple as you can really only save the game safely in-between expeditions.