EuCon - Eugene Oregon's First Comic Convention!

Our lovely friend of the show, Claire, told us at Crocker-Con that we should come up to visit her and do Eugene Con aka EuCon!

Claire is the lord and master commander of the Nerd Scouts. She hand stitches patches and badges that celebrate many different fandoms and for the price of often an art print, you can get a lovely wearable merit badge sized patch for dat sash!

Check out her work on BackHer and support her fundraising campaign!

Our EuCon was fantastic. We joined forces with Sean Sutter's new tabletop game, Relicblade, and brought B-Squad to the lovely folks of Oregon. There were over 9000 people at the show - which is incredible for a first year event. 

Enjoy the photo gallery. There was a lot of incredible cosplay. I think my favorite was a tossup between the little lady that was dressed as a Xenomorph or the gender bent Atreyu that was complete with Falcor and an Artax backpack from The Neverending Story. That horse death is easily the hardest thing to watch as a young boy.

Overall, the Retired Wonder Woman though stole the cosplay show. She's an old pro. Just wonderful to experience her talents. And she was just filled to the brim with one-liners that I almost don't dare repeat! 

We had a terrific time signing books and making EuCon wordplay on all the slipcases. People were so tickled with the book and it just makes the work part easy.

Also had a tremendous time at the afterparty at Level Up!, a bar-arcade that was stumbling distance from our homebase. Mike and I played a massive amount of video games and pinball. Lots of retro games like Track & Field and Joust. So many quarters.

We're definitely going back to Oregon!