Volume Two is Now Available for Digital Download!

B-Squad is back, baby!

The mercenary misfits of B-Squad are back with five new missions and new recruits. 

B-Squad's next 110 pages of comics send them on five new rollicking missions full of ridiculous and dangerous you've come to expect after Volume One:

  • In Sacramento they must save the city from the Four Mogwai of the Apocalypse!
  • Great Pacific Garbage patch to collect a bundle of lost, but winning lottery tickets!
  • take down a band of low-budget Star Wars cosplayers that have absconded with the latest Star Wars script!
  • Investigate a new Christmas fad, Man on the Mantle, for linking to a wild KGB surveillance program!
  • eradicate monstrous cryptozoolocial creatures in the Australian outback!

The wheels of fate have been spun and the die rolls have culled another five squaddies!

This sends in new recruits like a cat lady that trains vicious feral cats to become trained killers, the grandmother of all commandoes looking to cross off a last few things from her bucket list, and the Capoeira kid!

With art from Sean Sutter, Michael Calero, Ross Hughes, Michael Finn, Amanda Pfeiffer, John Cottrell, and Luke Henderson - this book ready to read on your digital devices.