B-Squad: Volume One (Digital Download)

B-Squad: Volume One (Digital Download)


Download Volume One to your computer or mobile device as a PDF!

This first chapter of the B-Squad series sends the misfit mercy to Cambodia, Sacramento, a city made out of masking tape, Hawaii & Belize. They face off against hipsters, creatures & robots made of masking tape, thousands of bitey dachshunds, James Cameron fan-boys and a rogue nuclear submarine.

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Ridiculous misfits & mercenaries are sent around the world on dangerous missions. In Volume One, they face off against sadistic hipsters poaching free-range mogwai, a celebrity-nabbing masking tape wizard & his magical city, a tidal wave of wiener dogs in Hawaii and a bunch of James Cameron fans bent on raiding a derelict British nuclear submarine!

B-Squad is created and written by Eben E.B. Burgoon. 
Artwork of B-Squad was created by the following artists:

  1. Lauren Monardo

  2. Jon Williams & Claudia Palescandolo

  3. Jon Williams & Claudia Palescandolo

  4. Sean K. Sutter

  5. Sean K. Sutter

All lettering by Michael Finn.