Eben Burgoon's Tapigami Artwork

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Made from imagination and masking tape, adopt one of the derpicorn or get yourself a thunderfluff! 

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Tape Worms
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Torn from the pages of B-Squad, get your very own Tape Worm for your bookshelf.

Varying from six to eight inches, these are Tape Worms made out of tape! 

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Tapigami Sculptures

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Eben can create just about anything out of masking time, imagination, and a little time. 

He's most fond of making kooky characters, fabled beasts, Rick & Morty, and Star Wars ships.

Feel free to look over the gallery here or if you have your own idea, please reach out via email.

Tapigami Commission

Commission Tapigami Artwork from Eben Burgoon. 
Artwork may take a week or more to create and will be sealed professionally for durability in a material that complements the work best.