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/eb-in bər-ɡo͞on/ (Person.)
A fuzzy and ill-defined writer and educator of comic books, comedy, socks, masking tape art, and more. 

One of the things that you're probably lookin' for:

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A hodge-podge of ridiculous mercenaries are tasked with the dangerous leftovers no other outfit would take on. From battles with cosplayers over Star Wars scripts and submarines to clearing Hawaiian islands infested with tsunami wave collective-conscious of nippy dachshunds.

A die roll by the writer determines which mercenary is the most expendable. That character dies and is replaced by new rookie in the next mission. And the cycle rinses and repeats as the story follows the up and downs of a squad trying to hold it together.

It’s sorta like Suicide Squad; only funny and better.
— The Internet

Available Books

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Comic Book Workshops

Eben currently offers comic book workshops for schools, universities, museums, nonprofits, comic conventions, and more.


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Eben07: Covert Custodian

After the cloak and dagger comes the mop and bucket. Follow the adventures of espionage janitorial servicemen, Eben07 and Ninja Dan as they clean the mess left by super spies in the vein of James Bond, Ethan Hunt, and Solid Snake.

This webcomic created by Eben Burgoon and D.Bethel ran online from 2007-2013. The digital comics below collect most of the major portions of the series.

D.Bethel has gone on to create a new webcomic series, Long John.

Eben07 Digital Comics