Cleo Vouvray

The Cat Lady with living feline weapons. 

Probably Dies In:

The humane society stopped coming over after one of them “mysteriously vanished” after visiting... so yes, dear, no such thing as too many cats.

After leaving the Central Intelligence Agency as an animal trainer, Cleo returned home and began adopting cats from a local shelter for companionship.

Unable to keep her former life away from her retirement, Cleo began to train her cats as living weapons and adopting any cat that appeared to have what it takes.

Soon Cleo's Kitty Kaboodle Ranch became infamous in mercenary circles for her ruthless killing kitties. 

GENDER: Female
AGE: late-60s
HEIGHT: 5' 6"
WEIGHT:  140

  • B: 32"
  • W: 25"
  • H: 30"

First Mission: Cambo's Siege of Sacramento