Probably Dies In:

Victoria Upton

Swimsuit model turned Exotic Game Hunter 

Honestly, I can’t say if a photo would last longer; I know an exceptional taxidermist in the hipster part of Brooklyn.

Victoria Upton was a notable international fashion model in her early 20s and travelled the world on photo shoots. While in Africa, a photographer took her on a safari trip which went awry. Upton survived the charge of an African elephant ended up slaying the beast. 

This began an obsession with hunting exotic animals on the side and soon enough Victoria had hunted beasts on every corner of the globe save for one... her fellow man. Unable to get a hunting permit, she decided to join B-Squad to get a taste for hunting people.


GENDER: Female
AGE: late-30s
HEIGHT: 5' 9"
WEIGHT:  139

  • B: 39"
  • W: 28"
  • H: 36"

First Mission: The Tapigami Terror