Ridiculous. Dangerous. Expendable.

A hodge-podge of ridiculous mercenaries are tasked with the dangerous leftovers no other outfit would take on. From battles with cosplayers over space opera scripts and sunken submarines to clearing Hawaiian islands infested with tsunami wave collective-conscious of nippy dachshunds!

A die roll by the writer determines which mercenary is the most expendable. That character dies and is replaced by new rookie in the next mission. And the cycle rinses and repeats as the story follows the up and downs of a squad trying to hold it together.


Core Creative Team

B-Squad takes on one of the most outrageous missions anyone could be asked to go on. It consists of bad guys, Cambodia, inbred mogwui (think Gizmo from Gremlins), and a double cross that’s all wrapped up in the craziest insurance scheme ever. Just know that no matter how wild things get Burgoon makes it all work and gives us some quality humor along the way.
— ComicAttack.Net
I was skeptical, at first, of the comedy being compared to the likes of “Archer” and “The Venture Bros”. After reading however, I have to say that description isn’t far off. It definitely has that random air zaniness. As a fan of both references, I approve! I’m actually afraid to go into too much detail for fear of giving away/ruining some of the jokes!
Rated: 4.5/5
— Comic Book Herald
I really liked the B-Squad. Around here we call a story like this a romp and there’s nothing wrong with that. The easiest way to think of this story is if the A-Team sucked at what they do, but it was awesome to watch them fail in the process. I’ll be back for more for sure, but if MacGoogle is the next to die I’m going to be pissed. Seriously that guy made me laugh a lot. Don’t delay, check it out today!
Rated: 4/5
— Comic Bastards
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Read the press release: www.bsquadcomic.com/press-release

"It's like Suicide Squad; only funny and better."
-The Internet

The misadventures of B-Squad are currently collected into all-new giant size mission books featuring expanded content, all-new comics like Monster Safari and Tiny Wizards!

These 48+ page books will collect remastered versions of B-Squad adventures originally published from 2013-2015, as well as new missions coming soon and available in comic stores and beyond! 

The art & story was created by several independent artistic teams at the direction of series creator Eben Burgoon.

Cast of Characters

Live mission to mission and DIE By a Die