B-Squad - Mission One - Conspiracy in Cambodia (SDCC Exclusive)

B-Squad - Mission One - Conspiracy in Cambodia (SDCC Exclusive)


An official exclusive of Comic Con International in San Diego, this debut issue features a remastering of Mission One plus the 6-page Free Comic Book Day “post-credits” featurette illustrated by cover artist, Michael Calero.

I’ve secured an extremely limited quantity has been set aside for fans of B-Squad.

In Mission One, B-Squad is sent to Cambodia to stop a group of radicalized hipsters from poaching the test subjects of a cancer research institute. The 22-page comic features art by Lauren Gramprey and story by Eben Burgoon.

B-Squad is now published by Starburns Industries Press, a division of the Burbank-based animation studio founded by Dan Harmon (Community, Rick & Morty) and Dino Stamatopoulus (Morel Orel, Mr. Show)

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Creative Team for Mission One

Founded by Simon Oré in 2017, Starburns Industries Press serves as a creator-focused independent publisher, bringing a unique blend of unusual art, high concepts, humor, and experimental storytelling to markets through books, comics, games, and even cassette tapes. Their debut efforts range from on-going comic book series like “Hellicious” and “Oddwell”, the musical graphic novels “Trent” , successful Kickstarter-based projects like "The Crawling King" and "Comics Comics” and a subscription-based cassette tape club on Kickstarter’s Drip featuring albums from comedians, wrestlers, rappers, writers, motivational speakers, and more.

Additionally, Starburns Industries Press serves in part as a creative incubator for the Burbank-based Starburns Industries, an animation studio run by Dan Harmon (Community, Rick and Morty, HarmonQuest), Dino Stamatopolous (Morel Orel, Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole), James Fino (King of the Hill, Animals), and Duke Johnson (Anomalisa, Community, Morel Orel). The creator-driven studio has been home to the production of numerous television series, feature films, shorts, and music videos. This bridge allows for Starburns Industries Press to be uniquely poised in fostering new talent with diverse voices under the eye of award-winning producers who understand the need for creative freedom to be confidently original and ground-breaking.