You, like, wouldn’t believe me if I told you anyway, man. And that’s cool.

Indiana Lebowski has always been out on the hunt for fortune and glory, but this obtainer of rarely anything has really managed to cobble together a career of hollow platitudes. 

Knowledgable about the cultural antiquity and mystical archaeologic myths, Indiana Lebowski has had a hard time proving to anybody that what he's seen with his pair of peepers is ever all that real. 

Now he's a bit past his prime, and discounts his treasure hunting services on coupon-sites like Groupon.

AGE: late-40s
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
WEIGHT:  155

  • B: 42"
  • W: 34"
  • H: 36"

First Mission: Submarine Subterfuge

Indiana Lebowski

OBTainer of rarely anything 

Probably Dies In: