B-Squad: Volume Two (Digital Edition)

B-Squad: Volume Two (Digital Edition)


Our 2016 comic volume collects missions 6 through 10! Another 120-page book of B-Squad adventures, comics, and untimely deaths decided by a malicious die roll! Follow B-Squad on adventures in Sacramento, the edge of the atmosphere, the North Pole, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and the Australian Outback!

Reading Age
If they've seen Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom... they should be okay.

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Volume Two collects missions six through ten of dangerous action and ridiculous plots for our expendable band of mercenary misfits! With 5 artistic teams bringing Eben Burgoon's crazy misadventure missions to life! 

Mission Six

Set in Sacramento, B-Squad faces off against the 4 Mugwai of the Apocalypse as they journey through cultural landmarks of Sacramento and have a final showdown at the Tower Bridge against Cambo, the Cambodian Rambo.

Mission Seven

B-Squad journeys to the center of the Pacific Ocean to recover potentially millions of dollars in unclaimed lottery tickets swirling in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch! Discarded trash heaped in the Pacific Ocean? What could go wrong?

Mission Eight

Sweded-film fanatics abscond with a stolen copy of the next Star Wars script. They've fled into a crowdfundeded Death Star that's been launched into the upper atmosphere and now B-Squad's sent to shoot it out of the sky. Cardboard costumes, low-budget space ships, and gobs of referential humor... oh my!

Mission Nine

The zany Man on the Mantle Christmas craze is sweeping the nation. These tiny elven dolls are being set on mantles across the USA. After discovering surveillance equipment in the dolls, B-Squad traces their origins back to the North Pole and exposes their sinister roots.

Mission Ten

The emergence of strange and mystical beasts sighted in the Australian outback has reached the attention of the world. B-Squad is sent in to investigate and try to recover evidence these creatures exist!