Operation: 3-Ring Bound #4 (Eben07)

Operation: 3-Ring Bound #4 (Eben07)

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Secrets and truths are rapidly being uncovered now that Eben07 appears to know reality-shattering truths... by is the kooky-conspiracy theories of Milton Binder are laid out for Eben07 to inspect... Ninja Dan and Ninja Justin battle on the rooftops of the school... a fight that doesn't seem to be going well for our favorite ball cap wearing ninja.

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This 27-page PDF collects the penultimate chapter of Operation: 3-Ring Bound. 

Also contains the orginal print-exclusive variant cover by Above the Clouds artist, Melissa Pagluica, with a dissection of the story elements hidden there-in by Eben Burgoon.

Storyline by Eben Burgoon and D.Bethel
Illustrated by D.Bethel

Variant Cover by Melissa Pagluica. Check out her webcomic Above the Clouds.