Operation: 3-Ring Bound #5 (Eben07)

Operation: 3-Ring Bound #5 (Eben07)

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Operation 3-Ring Bound concludes with this 5th installment of high school-centered conspiracy theory hi-jinx. What will happen to Eben07 and Abel? Will Anna turncoat? Did Ninja Dan survive that stab wound?

Find out for just ninety-nine cents!

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The conclusion of the 5 part epic Eben07 storyline, Operation: 3-Ring Bound available.

This 39-page digital comic book draws to close the struggle between Eben07 and the Smithsonian Agents, Milton Binder's nefarious purpose, Ninja Dan's brooding struggle against Ninja Justin, and details the fate of Ninja Log.

Storyline by Eben Burgoon and D. Bethel
Illustrated by D. Bethel.