B-Squad Socks: B-Strapped

B-Squad Socks: B-Strapped

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Our wonderfully plush socks are a stylish tubular cushion for your little piggies, heels, and soles!

Available as a single pair or get a pack of 3 pairs.

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Hike up that pant leg and show those would-be secret agents your gams guns!

The third series of B-Squad Socks are packin' a little more heat than usual. This is a perfect sock to arm any sock drawer and our socks are always right here in California. The pistol design mimick that famed weapon of choice of British super spies, with a B-Squad pendant on the holster which wraps around with a little titual nod to your favorite comic book series.... wait,
Dude, thank you. I thought you'd say Saga or I Hate Fairyland... Seriously, that means a lot to me.
If you can always tell your friends Volume Two is on sale for $9.99... that's awesome. 

Our socks are one-size fits most (usually a men's 8-12s or women size 6 or more have no issues) and are often touted as the most comfortable pair of socks in the sock drawer.

Available for order in a pack of three or as a single issued pair.

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